Candle Sampler + Seasonal Scent

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A sampler of our 3 standard scents plus our rotating seasonal scent. Each mini candle is 4oz and allows you to sample our available scents! 

Angel's Share - Scented with vanilla & spices, designed to be reminiscent of the delicate, sweet notes found in bourbon. 

Barrel Proof - Scented with cherry & tobacco, designed to be reminiscent of the bold, rich notes found in bourbon.

Rickhouse - Scented with cedar & leather, designed to be reminiscent of the mature, wood-forward notes found in bourbon.

Stave Series Seasonal: Spring - Scented with notes of brown sugar, vanilla, orange peel, and spice, designed to be reminiscent of one of our favorite cocktails, the Old Fashioned. 

Stave Series Seasonal: Fall - Scented with notes of rustic wood & earthy florals, designed to be reminiscent of autumn leaves & crisp air that make fall in Kentucky so wonderful. The description on the candle label is a reference to a classic It's Bourbon Night Halloween Episode featuring Old Crow Reserve Bourbon.

Stave Series Seasonal: HolidayScented with notes of mulling spice and fruit, designed to be reminiscent of cozy winter gatherings spent enjoying a nice pour of bourbon. 

Our candles are handmade using soy wax. Please note that there may be slight imperfections in your candle as they are handmade by Sara.