About Us

Kentucky born & bred, Chad Perkins and Sara Ahlgrim grew up surrounded by bourbon culture, which developed a serious interest in the spirit in their early 20s. The launch of a local Lexington, KY bourbon bar brought them together, sparking a friendship and a partnered exploration of the whiskey world. 

In 2016, their combined passions for bourbon and video production led to the creation of their own YouTube channel, It's Bourbon Night, focused on celebrating America’s only native spirit. Their content is designed to encourage discovery of the whiskey universe, and cornerstone episodes such as Flight Fights and Uncorkings. In 2018, with the support Patrons and fans, they were able to create their own whiskey-lifestyle company, Whiskey Ambitions.

The many bourbon tastings over the years strengthened their connection, and what started as a friendship grew into a true bond. Today, they are happily married and look forward to continuing their bourbon adventures. 

          Sara drinking bourbon    Chad drinking bourbon