On a normal day, I can't have more than one or two cocktails without feeling full and overwhelmed by their heavy sweetness. I've especially struggled to find whiskey-focused drinks that I enjoy on hot summer days. Sipping high-proof neat bourbon in the Kentucky summer heat definitely isn't refreshing. 

A few weeks ago, on a weekend vacation to Charleston, SC, I found a summer whiskey cocktail that I could (and did) sip all afternoon. Actually, I went back two days in a row just for this drink. 

The cocktail was called Daydreamer from Little Palm Bar & Swim Club. It's a sister-bar to Death & Co, which I frequently look to for cocktail recipes and inspiration, so it's no wonder I loved this drink so much. 

Daydreamer cocktail at Little Palm's poolside bar

For the recipe, I could only work from the menu description and my memory of the ones I'd had over the weekend since I didn't have the exact ratios of the ingredients.

The original description called for absinthe but I decided to leave it out since I don't love those strong licorice, herbal flavors, and I can't really recall tasting much of those notes in the drink. Plus, it's always nice to narrow down your shopping list for the liquor store if the drink can survive without an ingredient!

Their recipe also called for banana cream soda, which I couldn't find it anywhere, so I used vanilla cream soda instead. Regular cream soda would also work if that's all you can find. 

I'd recommend using a lower proof bourbon in this recipe, especially if you plan on enjoying more than one. Something around 90 proof should do the trick and keep it light and refreshing! 

Daydreamer cocktail  

Makes 1 drink


  • 1.5 oz. bourbon 
  • 1/2 oz. East India Solera Sherry
  • Vanilla cream soda
  • Lemon wheel


Pour the bourbon into a Highball or Collins glass. Add the sherry, then fill the glass with ice

2 Fill with cream soda, then stir gently

3 Garnish with a lemon wheel

Did you make this recipe? Let us know! 
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Sara Ahlgrim 
Co-founder of It's Bourbon Night & Whiskey Ambitions

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